Premium gin tasting with a tasty selection of tapas (in English)

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Április 25 Kedd
Gin Tasting Experience
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Esemény leírása

Gins around the world

Premium gin tasting with a tasty selection of tapas

✨The ultimate triumph of Gin & Tonic✨

G&T has become one of the most popular drinks of recent years. No matter if you enjoy its bubbles on a hot summer afternoon or at the end of an exhausting weekday, this cocktail always does the trick.
However, no two G&Ts are the same: if you would like to learn how to get the best out of one of the world’s most popular cocktail, don’t miss our workshop!
Here are some GINius features about the 3-hour course


  • Mysteries of glass and ice

The type of glass and ice (yeah, even frozen water can surprise you) is crucial if you want to create a perfect G&T.

  • L’amour of gin and tonic  

Finding the perfect tonic for certain gins is key. We’ll teach you all the secrets of an excellent G&T.

  • Culinary heaven

Tasting gins will make you peckish? No worries, you’ll love our delicious tapas selection.

  • From cinnamon sticks to hibiscus

We show you how to find the best gin spice combinations.

  • A sip of gin history

 Get ready for an exciting learning experience with lots of tasting.


Gin tasting is more than an unforgettable evening

SURPRISE  We support your further at-home gin experimenting with some gin spice and a G&T guide.
UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE  Prepare for a huge smile that’ll surely brighten up your upcoming workdays.
PREMIUM GINS  We are tasting 5 premium gins, and making the gastronomic adventure more fun with some mouthwatering tapas.
GIN WISDOM FOR LIFE   Interactive and playful learning is the best to fulfill your G&T curiosity.
GREAT COMPANY   Meet other gin lovers, and find some new friends!

????The champions of our gin tasting????

  • Cruxland White Truffle (South Africa)
  • Bobby’s (Netherlands)
  • AquaLuce (Italy)
  • Historia London Dry (Hungary)
  • Roku gin (Japan)

Workshop schedule - What can you learn?

  • The history of gins. Gin tasting, both on their own and as a G&T.
  • How to tell the difference between the premium category (craft) and the regular tonic water?
  • How to choose the proper glass for different G&Ts and why does it matter what kind of ice you use?
  • Which are the most important gin spices, and how to use your favorite to make your very own G&T?
  • Come on your own or with friends, it will be a cheer(s)ful experience!

Esemény szabályzata

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Premium gin tasting with a tasty selection of tapas
Kapunyitás: április 25 , 18:00
Kapuzárás: április 25 , 18:00
19 950 HUF / db

Elérhető: 34 db
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